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Must Read Books For Lawyers

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New lawyers and law students often need guidance to understand the terms of the law. And, if you want to understand the law, then you should be reading every single book that talks about the law. Here are a few must-read books for law students or new lawyers.

Storytelling for Lawyers by Philip Meyer

This book provides a new perspective on the importance of evidence to be presented in front of the judges. The highly readable book is devoted to exploring the abilities to tell a story or speaking in front of the juries and judges. The simple yet impressive manner in which Philip Meyer presents the story makes it a must-read for anyone who is associated with the law. The book can benefit law students professors and even aspiring lawyer to work on the flaws and handle situations efficiently.

What About Law? by Catherine Barnard

What About Law? describes the various fields of law in detail, and builds a connection with the readers to explains everything in detail. The authors present her ideas about law, in an entertaining way that keeps you turning the page. The book opens with legal troubles faced by a 17-year-old girl who throws a party while her parents are away.

Jeffrey Petersen Attorney

Jeffrey Petersen Attorney – Former partner at K&L Gates

Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman

Anonymous Lawyer recounts the experiences of a lawyer and his lust for power, how he does everything to achieve his goals and satisfy himself. There comes obstacle he must overcome to reach the heights he wishes for. The book also explains the inner situations in big law firms and also discusses the ugly side of the law and life.

Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Bleak House is one of Charles Dickens’s major novels, it is surely one of the most entertaining novels based on law. It deals with the effect of the law on individuals and businesses. The book gives the author point of you and reminds every lawyer that they are capable of making a case work as he connects his characters through law.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

This book is undoubtedly helpful in every possible field. The book provides tips and ideas for solving personal and professional problems, and provides a fair path and allows people to adopt changes.

MacCarthy on Cross-Examination by Terence MacCarthy.

The book is highly beneficial for people who’re interested in pursuing the career as a trial lawyer. The book explains in details on how to manage any witness on the stand.¬† He provides real and relatable examples and builds a connection with the readers instantly.


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