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What Makes a Good Attorney?

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Can anyone become a good lawyer? Why are some leaders more successful than others? There are no easy answers to these questions. There is no general agreement on whether ‘good lawyers are born’ or ‘good lawyers are made by training’.

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There is some general understanding that good managers are likely to have some of the following qualities:

1) Intelligence

A good lawyer is intelligent and witty. He understands difficult ideas and knows how to deal with difficult issues. A good lawyer knows how to understand different aspects of a particular case. Good lawyers don’t rely on the petty information provided by the client. They identify the problem and dig into all the resources to get relevant information. They understand the issues properly and know the process of dealing with them. They don’t panic while facing certain issues, instead, they deal with the issues calmly.

2) Initiative

Good lawyers are always ready to take initiatives and volunteer for different issues. They always take initiatives to take control of the situation and suggest a solution for the problem. Their ability to take an initiative helps them to earn the trust of their clients. They don’t take too long to suggest a proper solution to their clients. They understand the problem and act on it right away and suggest a solution to their clients and make sure that the clients are satisfied with the solution provided.

3) Determination

Good lawyers are determined to be able to take command of others and to push through ideas and policies.

4) Self-confidence

Good lawyers are confident. They believe their decisions and problem-solving abilities. They don’t worry about losing the case because they believe in themselves and wish to win the case. They are always willing to take the lead to set an example for others. They are role models who are confident and clearly know what they’re doing.

5) Communication skills

Good lawyers are able to put ideas and messages across subordinates and clients in a clear way. Their clear and promising way encourages clients to open up to them. They use their communication skills in the court as well. They listen to their clients and the problems they need to know. Following this, they use their commendable communication skills in the court to persuade the judge and the jury. They make sure to play with words and thoughts and make the trial an impressive one.

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