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Different Ways to Motivate Employees

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Motivation is a driving force that enhances a stable performance. It is accomplished through financial and non-financial rewards. Motivation is extremely important in a business. Motivation is important to motivate the employees to give better performances. A company full of employees giving average performances will never lead to success effectively. The employees need to be motivated to give better performance to the business. There are different ways of motivating employees.

1) Valence

The first and foremost way of motivating an employee is valence. Valence means the worth of a goal in the eyes of a particular individual. The employees will be motivated to work hard if they know the importance of the goal. Social scientist Vroom believes that if a worker understands the worth of the goal, his motivation level will increase and he will automatically work harder and produce goods or services of a much higher quality. He believes that the managers should let the employees know about the worth or the importance of the goal so that the employees work hard to make sure that the goal is met effectively.

2) Expectancy

The second way of motivating employees is expectancy. Expectancy is the confidence of the high expectations of the employees regarding the positive outcome of their efforts. This means that the employees should be informed about the financial or non-financial rewards. They should know the reward they’ll get by the completion of a particular goal or aim.

Jeffrey Petersen Lawyer

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3) Affiliation

There are some employees who don’t like to work alone. There are employees who want a sense of association or belonging at the workplace. They want to work in a cordial environment. They won’t be able to work in an environment with tension and isolation. They want to enjoy their job and socialize with people at the workplace. They treat others with respect and expect the same in return. These types of workers only get motivated if they are provided with a better environment. In order to motivate them to work hard, the managers need to build an environment with no tensions and positivity all along. This will help them make a right amount of contribution to the company. Never isolate these types of workers and don’t force hem to work alone. These types of workers get motivated to work harder and give a better performance if they are provided with the desired environment.


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